Work Ethic

What I Bring to a Performance

  • Professionalism – I conduct myself in a professional and responsible manner at all times while on location.
  • Thorough & Open Communication – I prefer to iron out all the details before the event occurs.
  • Punctuality – I am always on time, and arrive early enough to be set up before the event begins.
  • Appropriate Attire – I will always ask what the dress code is and arrive appropriately attired.
  • Appropriate Repertoire – I will play songs that fit the occasion if no set repertoire is decided on prior to the event. While my repertoire is extensive, I’m willing to learn new songs for an event (a fee is sometimes involved, but not always).
  • Flexibility/Ability to Respond to a Room as Needed – I’m very connected to my audience, and will adjust my performance to suit the room.
  • Willingness to Extend My Performance – Under most circumstances, I’m willing to work overtime on a gig, but always require compensation.
  • Always Conscious of Potential Issues Regarding Volume – I have no problem turning down if required.
  • Breaks are Kept Brief – I will take breaks if a gig lasts more than one hour, but they will be brief and reasonably spaced out (one short break per hour of performing is typical) .
  • Minimal Space Requirements – I generally require no more than 5 square feet of space if performing solo, and am easily mobile if it becomes necessary to move to another spot.
  • Plays Well with Others – I have extensive experience accompanying others, and am very intuitive when it comes to listening and responding appropriately.

What I Expect from Those Who Hire Me

  • Prompt Payment – I expect to be paid at the agreed-upon time.
  • Cancellations – If the event is cancelled for any reason within 30 days of the event date, the full balance is due. If the event is cancelled within 31 and 60 days of the event date, half of the balance is due.
  • Communication – I expect to be informed well in advance of anything that will affect my performance, so I have sufficient time to prepare accordingly (such as required setup time, program schedules, etc.).
  • Power Source – I expect to be provided with a sufficient power supply, and informed of any extra gear-requirements (additional extension cords, etc.) which may be required on location.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Performance – If the performance is outdoors, I will need to know in advance. You will need to provide sufficient cover to keep me and my gear out of direct sunlight. If it rains, I will move inside. I will be permitted to apply bug-repellent if necessary. If it is extremely cold outside, you may need to provide a heater.
  • Reasonable Call Time – I’m willing to be set up a maximum of one hour before the event starts. If an earlier call-time is required, I will charge accordingly for the extra time.
  • Courteous Treatment – I expect to be treated in a professional and courteous manner, with the same respect and consideration I show my clients.